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Hardwood Floor Installation


Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood flooring is a classic choice and opted by many for its durability and rugged charm. While many suggest DIY installation, it is a good idea to hire an experienced contractor when you need hardwood floor refinishing or even installation. There are several aspects to consider when contemplating a hardwood floor installation, so let’s begin with answering a few basic questions you may have about installing hardwood floors.


Installing hardwood floors

Glue down, nail down and floating are methods chosen to install hardwood floors. Nail down is where the wooden planks are nailed together, while in glue down method they’re glued together. As for floating, the wooden planks are attached to one another and aren’t attached to the subfloor. Floating is the method chosen for engineered hardwoods, while nail down is the preferred method for installing solid hardwood floors. Though many overlook the importance type of installation has, choosing the right installation method determines the life of the flooring.

Difference between engineered and solid hardwood

Solid hardwood floors are milled from a single wooden log, is thick and contracts or expands in accordance with climatic changes. That’s one reason why they’re not good for ground level installations. On the other hand, engineered boards are thin, stable and don’t give-in to temperature changes or moisture, and suitable for basements. Engineered wood is made from multiple layers of wood bonded and sandwiched together.

Hardwood floor installation is a major investment and one that should be given time and consideration, for lasting durability and result. Only a proper installation can ensure it runs its full course, a reason why you need an experienced hardwood installation contractor.

When you plan to install the new flooring, it should be done on a prepared, leveled, clean and structurally fit foundation. The base flooring could be a floor covering you used earlier, an existing wooden flooring that’s good, a concrete slab that’s moisture proof or even a plywood subfloor. Basically, if you are able to install the wooden flooring on existing flooring, you get better insulation and sound proofing. However, only an experienced contractor can check if the existing flooring is suitable or needs any repairs.

It is important to inspect if the conditions of the room or home you are planning to install wooden flooring is suitable and won’t impact the flooring negatively. Humidity or rapidly altering temperature could be a problem. The right technique and choosing an apt time for installation can eliminate these issues. Also, rooms are no longer perfect squares or rectangles. So determining the measurements and shape for cutting or planning of wooden planks is important. Only an experienced contractor will be able to check on these aspects and suggest accordingly. Ready to pick wooden planks for your flooring?

Installing hardwood floors, especially in a space where you have old carpeting or dated linoleum, can drastically increase the beauty in a room.  Our team of professional installers make sure to take extra care when we install your choice of beautiful, elegant hardwood into your home.  Our philosophy is simple – we want to do the absolute best job possible so you LOVE the new look in your home.  Need installation, hardwood refinishing or repairs? Contact us today and we’ll give you a custom quote.