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Hardwood Floor Repair

Wood Flooring Installation & Repairs ~ Hiring the Right Contractor

Are you considering hardwood floor installation or sanding/refinishing for your home in New Jersey? Want to know what aspects you should consider and why you should hire the right hardwood floor contractor in New Jersey?

Suitability: Before you go ahead with your purchase, you must know if hardwood flooring will compliment and complete your home. The first and foremost aspect you should consider is the suitability. Hardwood is suitable for above grade – at least 3 inches above ground, first or second floor, and not the basement- basically, where moisture cannot creep in.

Flooring Type: Now that you know hardwood flooring is suitable for your home, you should check the subfloor of your home. Hardwood is more suitable for plywood or particleboard subfloor, though you can add plywood atop concrete and give hardwood a go!

Repairs: Even if your household has more members or pets and has stampedes frequently, you wouldn’t have to worry since hardwood is durable. However the need for staining or other measures to fix dents and scratches or do repairs can crop up! It won’t be exhaustive repairs, even so when you need fixing, hiring a professional is best.

Budget: Budget is another factor you must consider since the robust hardwood flooring doesn’t come cheap. You however have options depending on the durability and can choose one based on your budget and requirements.

Designs & Staining: The patterns and thickness of hardwood flooring can vary. So, choose them based on your liking and requirements. If you want to add color, even out or even add a nice finish to hardwood flooring, you can stain it. While some love oak color, some prefer walnut finish better. So, pick the shade based on your preference and have your contractor stain accordingly.

Method of Installation: Nail down or staple down are suitable and preferred methods for hardwood installation. There are instances where homeowners have opted for glue down or floating, which aren’t for hardwood. When you hire an experienced contractor, he will determine what installation method is suitable and suggest accordingly.

Installation: Picking the right time for installation, choosing the right method of installation and even installing it right are best done by professionals. The wood should be prepared before using for flooring. Though this aspect is done after deciding on the floor type, it is an important aspect that determines the success of your hardwood floor installation.

Most of the above given considerations are best determined by a contractor, so you will need a reliable hardwood flooring contractor in New Jersey to look around your home and determine if or not hardwood is suitable and how to go about it. An experienced hardwood floor contractor will be able to determine and suggest what’s right for your home, based on your requirements and preference.

Over time, beautiful hardwood floors can become damaged, chipped, broken, stained, and worse.  Repairing your hardwood is something in which we take a lot of pride.  We absolutely love the look of hardwood flooring and we know how to fix and repair any problem you share with us.  Even if you treat your hardwood floors well, there’s always those few boards that could use some touching up.  If you’re in the central New Jersey area and would like a quote for the best price and service in repairing your damaged hardwood floors, give us a call.